Mum To Be

Mum’s Sidekick

Congratulations - this is such an exciting time! But - it can also be a very stressful time. There’s so much to worry about during your pregnancy in preparation for your little one’s imminent arrival. Let us help you take care of the little tasks, so you can focus on the little human growing inside you!

Pregnant Woman by Birch

Our Goal

This special service is designed exclusive for expectant mothers. Our goal is to keep your life simple and organized, so you can enjoy every precious moment. 


We Can Take Care Of Your


  • Maternity and to-do list

  • Maternity clothing

  • Baby clothing

  • Maternity bag

  • Bedroom decorations

  • Baby Essentials

  • Maternity gifts

  • Massage packages

  • Baby shower organization and preparation

  • Home preparation including groceries, food in the fridge, home cleaning, etc.

Baby Clothes

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